Monday, October 28, 2013

Join or Renew Your Membership to SMBC

Dear Friend of the Maritime Industrial Community,

Since 1983 the Seattle Marine Business Coalition has actively promoted the marine industrial business sector. Our all-volunteer organization has advocated to protect industrial lands from encroachment by non-compatible uses, we’ve been a voice for reason on transportation and regulatory issues and we’ve fought to maintain the maritime and commercial fishing industry’s visibility among elected officials, policymakers and regulators who make the laws and policy that affect our industry.

Most recently we were successful in getting the city of Seattle to fund a $30,000 maritime economic impact study that validates our position in the city’s economic fabric. Some key findings:
  • King County saw a 3% growth in maritime jobs and a 20% growth in payroll during the study period 2002-2008.
  • Today King County supports 16,000 direct commercial maritime jobs, with an average wage of $70,750 per year.
  • The maritime and commercial fishing industries in Seattle alone generate $5.6 billion annually in economic output in 2008.
Studies like this help the Seattle Marine Business Coalition keep our industry’s concerns in front of our city government, regulators and policymakers.

With our story of a robust, multi-generational and dynamic family of industries, we make a strong argument for the importance of the maritime and fishing industries to our socio-cultural and economic fabric.

2014 will be especially important for our cause, and we hope you will help us continue our work by supporting our efforts with your tax deductible* annual membership to the Seattle Marine Business Coalition.

A new city administration means a whole new set of aides, staffers and regulators we need to reach. Your financial support allows us to produce the breakfast meetings, boat tours and print collateral we need to stay in front of our city.

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Thank you for returning your membership renewal form with your check or credit card number. Your support is essential to our efforts!

We also value your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of your board members any time to let us know how we can better advocate for the maritime and commercial fishing industries.


President, Peter Philips
Philips Publishing Group

Vice President, Brian Thomas
Vice President
Kvichak Marine Industries

Secretary/Treasurer, Warren Aakervik
Ballard Oil

Board of Governors:

Bob Alverson
Fishing Vessel Owners Assn.

Darrell Bryan
Clipper Navigation

Mark Knudsen
SSA Pacific

RADM John Lockwood USCG (ret)
Vigor Industrial

Kris Mullan
Alaska Longline Company

Vince O’Halloran
Sailors Union of the Pacific

Jim Gilmore
At-sea Processors Association

Erik Sundholm
Harris Electric 

*The Seattle Marine Business Coalition is a registered 501 (c) 3 Washington State non-profit corporation